Inzyte is all about democratizing Data - mining, analysis and intelligence. Simplifying access to data and unlocking value from data.

We operate globally under various brand names specializing in various targeted solutions.

Inzyte's various brands use a combination of cutting-edge technologies wrapped around human augmented services to provide an optimal mix of technology and skills

data gathering

The foundation of any data analysis is the Data itself. Traditional data analysis has been done within an organization and with the organization's own data. Inzyte works with publicly available data but also augments that with an organization's private data in certain cases. This data isn't necessarily available in the format that can be analyzed hence the Data Gathering is an essential part of what we do. Just let us know what kind of data interests you and we will work with our partners to get that data, clean and scrub it and provide it to you or analyze it for you.

data analysis

Whether you are working with Big Data or not so big data, we have the skills and expertise to work with data we gather for you or data you have in house and use the latest technologies powering some of the world's largest companies for your benefit. We will leverage cloud based and open source technologies and platforms to provide you an optimally priced solution. Most of the analysis we do is custom, just for our customers. We handle the complexity while you are focused on using the answers we provide to better your business.

Who do we help

We help customers in all kinds of industries and count the world's biggest companies and beloved brands as our customers. Our customers include any industry that wants to use Data for a competitive advantage - financial, retail, startups, technology, entertainment, communications, healthcare - pretty much any industry.

In fact, if you are not already using data for competitive advantage, you are already at a competitive disadvantage.

How can we help you

  • business intelligence

    If you are not watching your brand and competition already, you are definitely at a disadvantage. Attack is the best form of defense. In the data driven world we inhabit, data based intelligence is the best weapon you have to stay competitive and ensure the longevity of your business. Adapt, evolve and flourish using data as an ally.

  • Predictive analytics

    While predictive analytics has been around for a while, it is a field that is rapidly evolving. The objective is to transcend the academic curiosity and enable predictive analytics augment human intelligence rather than replace it. Validate "gut feel" with data - avoid costly mistakes or derive better confidence to make larger bets for the future of your company.

  • applying AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry and the progress that is being made is staggering. We enable companies to quickly use aspects of AI to attain immediate and tangible benefits. We can build rapid prototypes or full-fledged applications and demonstrate the value AI can bring to any business.

  • Data driven optimization

    As long as there have been processes or there has been decision making, the quest and relentless need for optimization has always been there. Countless studies and research have been devoted to this topic. We can help you in any kind of optimization based on what the data tells us. Whether that is optimal pricing, placement, coverage, spend of resources - let data guide the decision making.


We are really good at these buzzwords ...

big data, machine learning (ml), artificial intelligence (ai), natural language processing (nlp), cloud based, scalable, distributed, kubernetes, kibana, elastic search, redis, nutch, spark, open stack, cassandra, mongodb, solr, scala, python, r, BERT, PyTorch, nosql, image and video data recognition, deep learning ...

and anything cutting-edge

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